Special Offer for Complimentary Coaching in December 2021-02-04T07:24:38-05:00

I want to thank you for subscribing to this newsletter with a special Thanksgiving offer.

Yes, even though we continue to experience an unprecedented pandemic, it is Thanksgiving week.

A pandemic need not stop us from indulging in the spirit of this holiday.

And as we celebrate this special holiday of Thanksgiving, let’s all make time to deconstruct the word and reorder its syllables.

Giving thanks.

Even though this Thanksgiving is different than all others, we can still make time to pause. During that pause, we can take deep breaths and give thanks for the good things many of us have in our lives in November of 2020:

-Financial Resources
-Ability to help people in need
-Opportunities to connect with others through Zoom, Facetime or other technologies
-Optimism about vaccines and therapeutics

Despite the pandemic, focus on the subject of last week’s newsletter: gratitude. Be grateful for friends and family and for all the things that you do have in this unusual November of 2020.

In that spirit, I want to offer all subscribers to this newsletter the opportunity for free leadership coaching during the month of December.

During December, I want to offer you one hour of free coaching if you think you could benefit from advice, suggestions, consultation or brainstorming about a variety of leadership subjects:

-Setting work or personal goals for the year ahead
-Addressing remote working challenges during the pandemic
-Prioritizing among competing professional projects
-Solving work-life balance dilemmas
-Answering career growth or next step quandaries
-Resolving workplace management problems
-Helping you look in the mirror to confront self-constructed barriers
-Answering that ubiquitous “why” question that always seems to prevent your personal growth

If you are interested in accepting this offer for free coaching, just respond to this email and let me know. I will be glad to set up a day and time to chat with you by phone or Zoom during this coming month.