All Leaders Need Time Away 2022-03-10T23:26:10-05:00

All Leaders Need Time Away

Years ago, when I used to facilitate the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” workshop, I showed a video to illustrate Habit 7, “Sharpen the Saw.”

It was a true story-documentary about an American company that took over a Japanese bank.  The American executive who narrated the story explained how he and his colleagues were amazed at the fact that their Japanese teammates “never” took vacations as part of their incredible work ethics.

He said that their teammates considered it a “badge of honor”  that they abstained from taking vacation time.  It had become part of the bank’s culture.  The new executive team had to start insisting that their colleagues use their vacation time to help take care of their own mental and physical health.

All leaders need to take time for themselves – for reflection, recharging and re-creation.

I will be taking a vacation  in Florida starting today and so will not be sending out this newsletter for the next two Sundays.  Be well, my friends!!!