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A 1974 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, I spent my early years working in criminal justice and practicing law. My entry into continuing legal education took place with Antioch Law School, a clinical law school headquartered in the District of Columbia, where I helped run a graduate program called the Master of Arts in Legal Studies. Thereafter, I served as Director of Continuing Education and then Acting Dean at the Institute for Paralegal Training in Philadelphia, which at the time was the largest paralegal school in the United States.

In 1985, I returned to my alma mater to head the Department of Continuing Legal Education. Since that time, I worked with dedicated team members to help build the most reputable law school continuing legal education program in the United States and one of the most recognized continuing legal education programs in the country. I have worked directly with attorneys in virtually all practice areas to build and nurture high-quality continuing legal education courses, seminars and institutes. This work has allowed me to stay abreast of current developments in most legal subject areas. I have had the pleasure of working closely with judges, federal and state government officials, general counsels, in-house lawyers, partners and associates and legal consultants from around the world.

During my continuing legal education career, I have served in numerous volunteer leadership positions. I helped found the Section on Continuing Legal Education for the Association of American Law Schools, serving as one of its first chairs. I held the positions of treasurer, secretary, president-elect and president with the Association for Continuing Legal Education. I served on the Professional Services Council for The Learning Resources Network. For my accomplishments I was awarded the Paul R. Dean Award for career achievements by Georgetown University Law Center and the Presidents Award for lifetime achievement by the Association for Continuing Legal Education.

During my years working at Georgetown, I served on various committees which allowed me to keep abreast of the latest trends in legal education, including the technology committee, the graduate programs committee and the professional development committee.

I helped launch the Lawyers in Balance course, which teaches mindfulness techniques to JD and LLM law students. As a licensed facilitator for the Covey Leadership Center, since renamed Franklin Covey, I have taught the official “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” course to both law students and staff at Georgetown University Law Center as well as to staff throughout Georgetown University.