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Leaders Need To Renew

This week’s newsletter is being sent on a Friday rather than a Sunday because my wife and I are heading out on vacation this morning.  That vacation will include a rendezvous with our younger son and his girlfriend tomorrow and a meet-up with our older son, his wife and our new granddaughter in the middle of next week. 

As I contemplated this upcoming trip, I was reminded of a video I used to show when I would facilitate “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” workshop for Georgetown University staff members.  During “Habit Seven: Sharpen the Saw,”

I would talk about how both organizations and individuals must make time – not take time – for renewal.  In this particular video, an American banking executive talked about what he and his colleagues discovered when they purchased a particular Japanese bank. 

No one took vacations.  Ever. 

He said that the people who worked for this bank considered it a badge of courage that they did not schedule vacations.  They were so proud of their work ethic and thought not taking off showed how strong they were. 

Please do not follow that model.  Research has shown that when people make time for vacations – for reinvigoration, renewal and reflection, they are actually happier, energized and more focused when they return to their jobs. 

These findings have been proved repeatedly in empirical studies.  So, when you think about your priorities, please make renewal one of them:

-Plan vacations in a proactive manner
-Share your schedule with your colleagues
-Schedule yourself accordingly, completing work prior to vacation so you need not stress during vacation
-Delegate what you can in advance
-Give yourself permission to relax during your time away
-If you have the kind of job that mandates email or meetings during vacations, set boundaries for yourself – and others
-Make sure you have renewal goals in all four dimensions of your life – physical, mental, spiritual and social-emotional

Have a great weekend and week.  See you when I return in less than two weeks.