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Thanksgiving – And A Special Offer

Each spring, members of the Jewish faith celebrate the holiday of Passover. The Passover meal is the same one Jesus was celebrating at The Last Supper, the night before his crucifixion.

At this annual celebration of the Jews escaping bondage in Egypt, people ask “Why is this night different from all other nights? “

I thought of that question as we approach Thanksgiving. We can all ask ourselves “Why is this Thanksgiving different from all other thanksgivings?“

Unfortunately we know the answer to that question.

Almost everyone loves Thanksgiving. As Kate Cohen, an Op Ed writer for the Washington Post, wrote on Tuesday, November 17, “It is easily the best holiday. Theme: gratitude. Religion: N/A. Gift requirement: none. Signature event: eating.”

Kate goes on to say “Any good holiday contains an element of “always,” that mysteriously powerful substance that can cast a warm and happy glow on basement accommodations, nonstop dishwashing and an eight-hour drive with three kids. “

She adds, “ No homemade holiday can replicate the feeling of knowing that everyone in the country is celebrating at the same time. Thanksgiving does that better than any other American holiday. Participation rate: nearly universal.”

Kate finally concludes that this year is different than all other years. She will not be celebrating Thanksgiving with her family. Many of us have come to the same conclusion.

But there are things that we can do! There are ways we can celebrate. There are things we can give thanks for. Here’s a few things I have heard from friends and neighbors:

-A multi-family luncheon with each family at its own table in the backyard, bringing their own foods and utensils

-families cooking different courses and bringing them to different houses, exchanging food on the front step and then enjoying it later together by Zoom

-elaborate Zoom meals that are planned to go on for hours just like they usually do in person

-sending heartfelt letters or emails to family members in different parts of the country so that young children can read them out loud at the Thanksgiving table

-What will your family be doing this Thanksgiving? Send me emails and I will share them.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to thank all the subscribers to this newsletter and offer you a free hour of coaching or consulting during the month of December. No strings attached. No fees.  No prerequisites.

All you have to do is respond to this email and let me know when you will be available.

Despite the pandemic, focus on the subject of last weeks newsletter, gratitude. Be grateful for friends and family and for all the things that you do have in this unusual November of 2020.