The Best Leaders Don’t Base Their Happiness On Results 2022-05-31T02:24:44-04:00

The Best Leaders Don’t Base Their Happiness On Results

This past week I was fortunate to watch a webinar hosted by Marva Sadler of WBECS and and featuring one of the leading coaches in the world, Marshall Goldsmith.

During the webinar I was reminded about my own leadership journey. When I was younger, I used to think that all my success and happiness depended upon the results I helped produce at work.  I was almost addicted to achievement. I used achievements to validate my own self-worth and my stature in my profession.

As I grew older I realized that positive achievements at work are great, but that I need not connect them psychologically to my own happiness and well-being.

Marshall Goldsmith reminded webinar viewers that it is dangerous to become ego identified with results. We never have total control. Identity is not the same as our accomplishments.

Goldsmith opined that what matters most in life are:
-relationships with people we love,
-a livable income,
-a higher purpose,
-achievements aligned with that purpose, and
-a love of what we are doing.

Goldsmith reminded his webinar participants of “that great western disease: “I will be happy when… “.

He urged viewers to never base their happiness on results.  As he reminded us, “ happiness and achievement are independent variables.”

So as you contemplate the next steps in your leadership journey, please do not equate your personal happiness with business achievements. Focus on your own growth and aligning your passion with your purpose.

With that goal in mind you will indeed achieve greater happiness.