The Power Of 360 Reviews – Part II 2022-03-06T23:46:15-05:00

The Power Of 360 Reviews – Part II

Last week I wrote about the power of 360 reviews. One of the responses I received was from a friend who has served as General Counsel for multiple Fortune 500 companies over several decades.
His validating email (quoted here with his gracious permission) said the following:
“ I hated doing 360s because of natural fear of what it would reveal.  Surprise of surprises, I’ve learned so much and benefited so much. A number of little things were pointed out by those who reviewed me. I was easily was able to improve upon them or correct them.

Without the 360s, I would never have identified  or would have considered them too too picayune to matter.  I learned that what I considered to be picayune was, often perceived by others, to be an obstacle in their work relationship with me.”
This anecdote points out one of the many specific advantages of 360 reviews. Here are some others for you to consider:

1. Increases self awareness
2. Builds confidence
3. Boost morale within the workplace
4. Helps create a culture of openness
5. Empowers leaders and employees
6. Reduces leader and team member turnover
7. Increases accountability
8. Fosters continuous improvement
9. Can be a launching pad for continuous improvement
10. Can serve as a tool to change your organization’s or departments culture
11. Clarifies behaviors
12. Measures how you interact with others
13. Promotes dialogue
14. Improves working relationships
15. Enhances performance
16. Leverages strengths
17. Uncovers blind spots
18. Leads to the development of new skills and behaviors
19. Multiple sources of feedback are usually more acceptable to team members
20. Leads to reduced bias
If you, like my friend, have benefited from 360 reviews during your career, I’d love to hear from you. If you have not experienced a 360 review up until now, I ask you to consider the advantages and benefits you could be receiving.

It is never too late to learn more about yourself from the people with whom you work!