Leadership Coaching for Lawyers

During my 40 years working in the legal profession, I have spoken and collaborated with lawyers in many different jobs and professional environments.  Whether observing lawyers in private practice, government or companies, I have noticed one repetitive pattern. Young lawyers rise up the ranks within their law firms, companies or government agencies based primarily on [...]

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Leadership Coaching Philosophy

Leadership coaching is based upon the belief that clients are  whole. The coach's role is to work in partnership with clients helping them fulfill their leadership potential.  The coach creates a safe space for clients to explore their leadership beliefs, experience and aspirations.  The coach becomes the "guide on the side, " holding clients's experiences [...]

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Leadership Interest and Coaching

Several decades ago, I developed an interest in the practice of leadership. A self-educated student, I have poured over books, articles and essays on leadership by authors from around the world.  I have presented on various leadership issues for organizations such as the Association for Continuing Legal Education, the Association of American Law Schools, the [...]

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